The Book of Happy

31 March, 2011

I absolutely LOVE these lanterns. They remind me of the Mad Hatter’s table in Wonderland…

I love the sheer gorgeousness of sunlight on water. There’s something so free and magical about it.

This is just a snippet of my beautiful family. Inevitably more pics of them will appear here, because I just love them so much.

Don’t know who’s responsible for this image, but I think it’s amazing and so beautiful.


In my head this is what heaven looks like in places. It’s so majestic and wild.

That cold rush when you dive headlong into water, the way it makes everything inside you go numb then tingle. Makes me feel so alive after I’ve done it.

This photo reminds me so much of the farm where I grew up…the green clouds before hail over yellow grassland. So spectacular.

I am punch drunk in love with these shoes. UH-MAZING.

A place where solitude, beauty and perfection meet…


2 responses to “The Book of Happy

  1. I abolutely love this idea! :) If I were to ever create my own Book of Happy, your blog would be in it for sure. :)

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