My Life According to iTunes

My friend Lee (gorgeous blogger extraordinaire) recently put up a little challenge called “My Life According To iTunes”.

Basically, you get your iTunes library, hit shuffle and the first 18 songs will become the definitive sound track that is you.

So, here’s mine:

#1 Opening Credits: When I Look At the World – U2
Excellent – very on par.

#2 Waking Up: Feed The Light – Joan As Police Woman
A song about finding and losing one’s self. To think. I’m not even out of bed yet.

#3 1st Day of School: Paying the Cost To Be The Boss – BB King & The Rolling Stones
Kindergarten – where Erin first learned to lay down the law regarding who’s da BOSS. Now WHERE’S MY COOKIE, MINION?

#4 Falling In Love Country Comfort – Keith Urban
Am a country girl to my bones, but most of the song is about old ladies needing help to fix barns and workmen  surviving the addition of new technology to blue collar work environments, causing subsequent redundancy. Keith Urban offers emotional support to all of them. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT ME, ITUNES.

#5 Fight Song Hindi Sad Diamonds – Moulin Rouge
A fight song with a sitar and Jazz hands. Oh dear.

#6 Breaking Up Heartbeat of Heaven – Steven Curtis Chapman
Beautiful song – reminding me that a God who loves me is bigger and better than any man who breaks my heart. Comforting choice. Thanks, iTunes.

#7 Prom Gypsy Biker – Bruce Springsteen
Speaks volumes regarding every date I’ve ever had. Springsteen couldn’t have written a song called “Hot, Intelligent, Funny, Smart Athlete who owns a motorbike and a vineyard in the Napa Valley who only has eyes for Erin” could he. Noooooo. Of course not.

#8 Life How Sweet it Is – Michael Buble
It’s true. I do feel very loved. By a lot of amazing people. Good choice.

#9 Mental Breakdown Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
Oh my goodness. The POETRY of this selection. Ever since I turned Genius on on my iTunes, I swear. It’s like it KNOWS.

#10 Driving Lost – Katy Perry
Shut up.

#11 Flashback The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Buble
The romance of this choice? MAGICAL.

#12 Getting Back Together I Guess You’re Right – The Posies
Angsty love make up song. Suggests tears and much bittersweet kissing.

#13 Wedding Lucia Di Lammermoor Act III – Best of Opera
Taken from an opera where the lover kills himself at the funeral of his beloved who died before her arranged wedding to a man she didn’t love. Or something like that. Dyslexic iTunes is my?

#14 Birth of Child Amazing – Alex Lloyd
Oh my goodness. SPECTACULAR pick. Love. This. Song.

#15 Final Battle Get Free – The Vines
Purrrrrrrrrrfect. The exact one I’d’ve picked myself.

#16 Death Scene Scorched Earth Love Affair – Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes
Apparently my death will be an utterly uplifting, soul changing moment of reminiscing and beauty. Niiiiice.

#17 Funeral Scene Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
You wanna come to my last hurrah? Better git some Jagger in yo swagger, coz gurl Imma mess you up if you punk me at my own party. For realz.

#18 End credits You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
A happy perky joyful song about living and moving on with joy into the rest of your life with the one you’re meant to be with. Don’t mind me. Imma just sit here in the dark after my pop-sensation-filled funeral. You all go on ahead and have a GREAT TIME at my wake.


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