shower the people you love with love

This is a quick post that in essence sincerely feels like it should be longer, but I just wanted to say *thank you* for the response you’ve given to me and my little social experiment. Twitter friends, Facebook friends who I saw responses from prior to midnight just after I posted – it really means a lot to me that you take part of your day to encourage me, not just in this but in so much other stuff. My family, if you happen to read this – thank you so much for encouraging me to be the best person I can be, but still loving me just as I am.
And God – in all honesty, I don’t know why you still listen to me. After all the times I’ve stuffed up, not counted my blessings and taken the time to be thankful for them…after all this, you’re still here. By your grace, I have all that I need and more. I know there will people who read this, maybe even people I love, who don’t believe you’re even there. But for me, I know that you are – because I have *them* to make my life better than I ever could have imagined. Thank you, for them all.

ps. It’s 11.37am. I haven’t tweeted ONCE. It’s causing this weird, quirky sensation like at some point I’ll be waking up from this non tweeting dream. Is that weird? I think it’s weird, lol.


2 responses to “shower the people you love with love

  1. I love you Erin and I believe with all my heart that God is always beside us even when we act like we don’t need him. I need to be reminded sometimes of just how lucky I am to have an amazing family, beautiful children, and the most outstanding friends. I have been blessed beyond measure. I will always be here for you my true friend. You can do this because you are a strong willed beautiful woman with a heart of gold and a mind full of glory and wit.


    • It takes a lot to make me speechless. Suffice to say I am. Thank you SO much – love you lots and lots too. Thank you for being so encouraging. It means the world. xoxo

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